Social Studies – Advertising Activity

March 31st, 2015

Grade 7

Subject: Social Studies

Period Length: 40 minutes

Objective: To develop an understanding of how advertising contributes to consumerism, and how to be aware of one’s own levels of consumption.

Outcome: RW8.2 To assess the implications of personal consumer choices.

Indicators:  Create examples of advertising and respond; students will demonstrate how advertisers are convincing its viewers to buy products.

Adaptive Dimension:

  • If students are too shy to do the activity in front of their peers, they will be given the option to write a dialogue paragraph on how they would sell their object to the class.

Preparation/Materials: Basket of 5-6 random items from the Dollar Store.

Prerequisite Learning:  Previous Social Studies lesson. Students need to have a general understanding of commercial strategies that we covered last class. Those are: appealing to gender roles, convincing it will provide happiness and wealth, and association. If not, they will be reminded.

Presentation Classroom Management
Set: (5 minutes)–          I will start by asking students what they remember from the previous SS lesson. I will ask them again what the definition of consumerism is, and how commercials sell items to viewers. –          To get their attention I will remind them that recess/lunch is over.-          If they do not raise their hands to share their points, I will remind them that I won’t answer their questions unless they raise their hands first.
Development: (30 minutes)–          After we brainstorm what we had covered last week, I will introduce the activity to them.

–          To introduce what I mean, I will show them a few examples of serious, and silly commercials trying to sell a product. Maybe a parody if there is time.

–          After watching a video of “Whose line is it Anyways,” they will be divided up into groups of 4-5, and will chose an object from my basket. They will have 5 minutes to figure out how they will be selling their object as something other than its intended use, then they will start presenting.

–          If students do not feel comfortable in their groups, or presenting in general, they will be given the option (afterwards) to write a dialogue paragraph instead.

–          Before the lesson starts, I will draw three smiley faces on the whiteboard. I will remind the class that they had problems staying quiet while other students were talking and got a bit disruptive. I will tell them that every time they get rowdy and loud, I will cross a smiley face off the board, which will mean their homework will require more answers and take more time to complete.

–          They will get one warning before I cross off a smiley face, to be fair.

–          They will also be reminded that while other groups are presenting, they have to be respectful. Of course they can laugh, but they should not be talking while others are presenting.

Closure (5 minutes): –          We will review the strategies used to sell the products in class. –          If the lesson is done early before the next period, they will be asked to work on homework from earlier in the day. If students get rowdy, I will ask them to take a seat.


Assessment:  Students will have to write on an exit slip before they leave for recess or at the end of the day one strategy that was demonstrated during the presentations and one sentence on how it was effective.

Here is my target sheet:

march 31st

Thanks again!


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