Physical Education – February 11th 2015

This is how my first lesson looked before I went back, reflected on it, and then revised it.

Grade 7

Subject: Physical Education

Period Length: 40 minutes

Objective: To demonstrate the ability to sustain balance while being involved in fast-paced, fast-changing locomotor activities.

Outcome: PE7.6 Explore, apply, and communicate biomechanical concepts and principles of balance, stability, spin, and rotation as a means to enhance independence in learning motor skills involving locomotor (traveling), non-locomotor (non-traveling), and manipulative (moving objects) skills.

Indicators: Consider and explore the biomechanical concepts and principles of balance, stability, spin, and rotation to enhance movement used in alternate environment and body management activities.

Adaptive Dimension:

  • If students are too tired before the game is up, they will be asked to do stretches, such as toe touches and reaching for the sky.
  • If students do not have their gym clothes, they will still be asked to participate.

Preparation/Materials: Expectations will be written on the board, as well as a drawing of the gymnasium and where I need the students to sit when they are done their warm-up. An attendance list, and two Elephant Skin balls for the two Pac-Man players are needed for the activity.

Prerequisite Learning: Basic pivot movements will be discussed from their previous unit in basketball.


Presentation Classroom Management
Set: (5 minutes)–          Ask students if they have heard of or played Pac-Man.

–          Go over expectations on the board. (See attached sheet for expectations.)

–          Students will be asked to go to the change rooms, complete a warm up of two running laps around the gym and ten jumping jacks, and then to be seated in the middle of the gymnasium.

–          We will clap twice to get the students’ attention. If they do not quiet down, I will tell them that the longer they take to settle down, the longer it will take to get to the gym. When they are quiet, I will begin the lesson.
Development: (30 minutes)–           After students finish their warmups and are seated, the Pac-Man game will be explained, along with the rules. (See attached sheet.) Any questions will be addressed before the game starts.

–          The first and last name on the attendance list will decide the first two students to play as “Pac-Man.” These students start in the middle, each with an elephant ball, while the rest of the students may choose a starting line around the rest of the gym.

–          Throughout the game, I will yell out different types of movement, such as skipping, hopping, or grapevine (among others) to increase the difficulty of the game. Students may be restricted to certain colours of lines (ie. Only red and blue lines).

–          Whenever a student is tagged by the ball, they have to do 5 jumping jacks outside of the lines, then join the game again.

–          Every few minutes, the next top and bottom name on the attendance list will be called to be the new Pac-Man.






–          Any inappropriate behavior (such as shoving other students or throwing the ball) will be addressed by reminding the student(s) of the rules of the game. If poor behavior persists, they may be pulled from the game.

Closure (5 minutes): –          The game will go on until 2:50pm, at which time students will be asked to cool down by walking two laps around the gym, then changing and heading back to class.


Assessment:  Students will be assessed on their engagement and participation in the activity, and their personal effort put towards the different levels of movement throughout the game.

List of Expectations:

  • Go to the change rooms quietly. You have 3 minutes!
  • Once in the gym, run 2 laps and do 10 jumping jacks
  • Sit quietly in the middle of the gym when you are finished your warm-up



Two students get a red elephant skin ball and get to play as “Pac-Man.” They must tag other students by tapping them with the red ball.

Other students have to run around the gym, but are only allowed to run on certain lines, or move along the lines in certain ways (jumping, skipping, only on the left foot, etc.)

Every few minutes or so, the red ball switches off to two other students at random, so every student gets a chance to be Pac-Man.


  • No pushing other players
  • No cheating (running in-between the lines)
  • Do not throw the ball
  • Do not use other students as a shield

Five push ups if:

  • They step off the line
  • They get tagged
  • They are caught cheating

Here is my Professional Target sheet:

PDP feb 10th 2015 001


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