Tech Presentation

As part of my ECS300 course, I did a presentation on an app that could be used to help further education in a classroom. My group-mates chose Remind 101, and Poll Everywhere. The app I chose was Socrative, a creative platform in which teachers can create simple, yet effective quizzes that can be easily accessed by students. Check out the sources below to find out how to create an account, create quizzes, and how to run it from there.

Online Sources:

The Website

The App’s User Guide

Socrative’s YouTube Channel


Socrative Overview.

How to create a quiz.

How to run a quiz.

The pros and cons of Socrative are the following:

  • Instant results
  • Results are downloadable and printable
  • Choice between teacher pace and student pace
  • Multiple quiz formats
  • Anonymous participation for shy students

Socrative is very functional, and makes it easy for teachers to quiz his or her students, analyze and print the results at the touch of a button. The teacher can choose to lead the quiz, or the students can work on it at their own pace. Another great plus is that the teacher can choose whether or not the students can submit their results anonymously. That way, no bullying or judgement can pass if the results are shared with the class. The teacher still gets to see where the class is at without worrying students about their results. The app is very teacher-friendly and easy for students to use.


  • Not every student may be able to access it
  • Difficult to book tablets or computers all the time
  • Only works with straightforward answers
  • Can’t go into deep discussions

The greatest downfall to Socrative is the same for any app that is to be used in the classroom. Teachers have to book tablets or computers in order for the class to make use of this app. If they don’t have access to tablets or computers, then any lesson plans built around Socrative will be useless for the day. It’s something that you can’t always rely on. Also, the short answer format in the quiz can be faulty. In the demonstration that I did in front of the class, the short question was something like, “What is your favourite animal?” The possible answers were: cats, dogs, etc. If a student submits “Cat,” and not “cats,” it will not count as a correct answer. The English language is full of synonyms, which makes it difficult for the teacher to fill in enough correct answers so that the students can submit any variation of the answer and still get it correct. As a result, students’ answers can never quite go into as much depth as a teacher would like.

All in all, Socrative provides a lot of great uses in the classroom, especially as a quick check-up on how much progress the class is making. I would still use this app in my class, but only if I could guarantee tablets or computers are available.

Here is the document my group put together for out presentation. It is a list of the resources we used.

Tech Presentation Resources


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