Letter of Introduction

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Frances Kurtenbach, and I am now graduated from the Faculty of Education with a degree in Secondary English Education.  I am writing to introduce myself to you, so that you may know more about me before we first meet.

I have a great appreciation for creative expression, which is why I chose to major in literature and minor in visual arts.  Above that, I love facilitating creativity and productivity in others.  A classroom is the perfect space in which a student has the opportunity to flourish.  However, I believe that the most important aspect to teaching is creating a safe space in which my students have every equal and equitable opportunity to participate and engage with their own learning.  Additionally, in my program we’ve had plenty of time to talk about psychological aspects of education and to develop our teaching philosophy.  We’ve discussed different teaching styles, studied child development, and more.  Now I have the opportunity to apply what I have learned to a classroom.  I know that I can bring energy into the classroom, and I know how to effectively channel that energy into productive learning.

Being a part of your community is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about becoming the educator that I aspire to be.  For that, I want to deeply thank you for your time, and for opening up your community and classrooms to new and aspiring teachers such as myself.  I look forward to meeting you.  If you would like to contact me beforehand, I can be reached by email at franceskurtenbach@gmail.com.  Thanks again for your time.


Frances Kurtenbach


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