How Have I Contributed to Others’ Learning?

Well folks, the end of my online course ECMP355 has come. It is time to reflect on how I have contributed to my peers’ learning throughout the semester. I have a series of images that I am going to share with you with some notes along the way of the varying things I’ve contributed to my online communities.

First off, my YouTube account.  These are the videos I’ve uploaded during this course:

While they are not terribly interesting, these videos announce my initial presence and my willingness to reach out to others. I shared my art tutorial on Twitter, and an old friend of mine from high school messaged me and asked me if I would like to become vlog buddies with her. Due to life being life and school being overbearing as usual, I haven’t engaged with this activity yet, but I fully plan on it after I finish up my degree.

On Facebook I like to make my political and moral beliefs known.

facebook 1


twitter evidence 2

I also like to build relationships with the many fellow students I have befriended over the past 8 years from both high school and university.

facebook 3

I also like to share images about body positivity, gender and sexuality expression, and overall happy thoughts:

facebook 4

But most importantly, due to the lessons that I’ve been learning throughout this course, I’ve started engaging with my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter in a more educational sense. I inquired about keys for my art project on Facebook as well. Please look closely at the following:

facebook 7facebook 8

Another example is when I shared this post on Facebook. The responses were inspiring.

facebook 5

I asked my friends to share my post and it got 12 shares! That’s not too bad! 

On twitter I liked to mostly re-blog tweets that I found useful or inspiring in regards to teacher education. I incorporated hash tags, tagged some of my inspiring professors and peers, and engaged in Sask Ed chats on the only ed chat that took place on a Wednesday because I work every Thursday evening. (If I had my phone out at work it would be thrown out the window, so I couldn’t risk it.)

twitter evidence 1twitter evidence 5twitter evidence 4twitter evidence 3

twitter evidence 6

Thanks to Robbi for responding with words of encouragement. I appreciate the reassurance still. 

However, everything I have shown you so far just demonstrates that I was participating. Let me be real with you for a second.

During my internship I was totally at a loss for resources. I had some teachers offer some excellent stuff to me half way through the semester, but some other teachers offered materials that I didn’t understand or they were totally outdated. I also had a lot of difficulty in making a template for lesson plans and unit plans that were accepted by the people I was working closely with. It was frustrating because I had one template to work with that I had vaguely been walked through once in one class one time and it wasn’t sufficient. Most of the resources that I got were half way through my internship, and I honestly ended up buying some resources from Teachers Pay Teachers as a last resort. (Nice source of resources by the way.) What I would have benefited from was an abundance of resources before I entered my internship, because you do not really understand exactly how much material you really need until you are already there.

(Unless somebody warns you.)

In the name of my internship, my greatest contribution this semester was sharing and offering my resources to anyone who needed it. Even to those who didn’t. I took some screenshots to show some evidence below.

I sent a unit plan template to my classmates who were (at the time) in their pre-internships. I offered (and currently offer) to any friends on Facebook my lesson plans and unit plans that I have created. I went out of my way to make a blank unit plan template available publicly on my google drive. I’ve emailed almost 5gb of ELA 9 content that I made myself to a friend of mine who was entering his pre-internship, and to others as well.

email evidence.jpg

Here are just some of the documents I emailed to my friend.

ur courses

This is when I emailed my empty unit plan template to my classmates. 

facebook 9

Me reaching out to my friends on facebook, to anyone! 

shared docs

These are some of the documents I shared with other classmates. 

facebook 6

I also post my presentations online if anybody wants to use them. 


Essentially, when I was in my internship I wholly relied on online resources that people put out there. I do not know how I would have done without access to all of these wonderful resources, and I’m hoping to be one of those people that young pre-service teachers will be able to rely on.

Thanks for following me on this online journey. I have one more post left to make in regards to this course but I plan on continuing my blogging as it allows me the opportunity to engage with my professional learning network and become a part of something that once helped me when I needed it the most.

Stay tuned!


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