Who wants to be Vlog bros?

Just kidding. For my response regarding digital citizenship and communities, I decided to join the YouTube community. I joined the culture of participation. Check out my brief video below. Maybe join me in joining the community.


Okay, but seriously.

Who wants to try joining the community? What I would like to see is how difficult it is to get into the YouTube community. Will there be reluctance? How much effort on my half do I have to put forward to get people to notice my vlogging? My assumption is that I will be one grain of sand on a beach and it will take either something incredibly disputable or a lot of reaching out to get my videos and posts out there.

Or, something original. Hmm..


3 thoughts on “Who wants to be Vlog bros?

  1. Hahaha that’s awesome! It was strange (since this is the first time I’ve really tried to do a vlog of any sort) but also kind of really fun. Especially after having watched that video on the culture of participation.


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