Google yo’self

For last week’s assignment we were tasked with stalki-…. cyber-sleuthing a fellow classmate to check out what it is like to leave a digital footprint all up in the internet’s business. Brittany and I agreed to be partners (thanks girl)!

For some reason I felt as though I handed a diary from grade three over to a stranger and asked, “What do you think of me?” I know that is not quite how it works, but that is the sense of dread I generally feel in regards to this assignment. Moving on.

So, I googled Brittany. What did I find? Nothing but impressive evidence that she is an active member of her hometown community. Which is lovely. Congratulations Brittany, you totally passed the sleuthing test! (I’m just jesting, it was not a test. But ya’ did good.)

What did I learn through the mere act of googling my colleague? It is super easy to find information on anyone. It is also important to recognize that anyone (even your students) can do this, so I must be incredibly mindful of the content I am sharing with the world. Especially if it tied directly to my name. My partner’s content was appropriate and there was absolutely nothing incriminating and nothing that made me question her validity as a future educator.

This assignment served as a powerful reminder that anything I do on the internet that can be traced back to my name can and will pop up if somebody googles my name. Specifically, if I am applying for a job and my potential employer googles my name, they can discover many things about me, which will undoubtedly create a certain online impression. I have no idea what that impression is, so this assignment not only reminds me of the implications of a digital footprint, but also will show me what Brittany’s impression of my digital footprint would be.




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