Have I Scarred the Internet?

No, I have not. When I googled myself, I mostly found pleasing results. I found my Facebook page, my Instagram, and my website. I also found about a thousand links about the many other Kurtenbachs that live in the Dakotas in America. My family loves keeping track of themselves and there’s multiple books and traces of my family line if you simply google my last name. There are tons of American and German Kurtenbachs.

The only “incriminating” thing I found was a fake account in which somebody used my ancient, cringey, Myspace profile pictures from when I was 10 to create an account on a dating website called “MeetMe.” I would link you to the site, but apparently the site is no longer operable. At least that is what the website told me when I tried to report the fake account and have it removed, two hours ago. Other than that, I found nothing unexpected in investigating my digital footprint. Just posts from my blog, my Facebook, and twitter. I tried reverse searching my profile pictures and the like too, and did not find any other fake accounts.

Sick news, bro.

Image result for real megusta

Anyways, I would like to keep it that way. Every once and awhile I google my name again just to make sure that nobody else has decided to make a random account on a dating website. With the amount of cyber sleuthing available to anybody with a computer and the internet, you have to keep a pretty tight eye on your own back.


Have a goodnight.


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